Spencer Gillespie’s practice explores intimate, discarded, and symbolically charged materials to break down and interrogate gendered social constructs that condition our behavior. Through her interdisciplinary practice, Spencer focuses on themes of fluidity, performance, and the physical process of art making. She has exhibited her work nationally – including exhibitions at Morehead State University, KY, Half Snake Art Collective in Fort Collins, CO along with a solo exhibition in the ArtLab Gallery at Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, FL.


Locally, her work has been shown in the Minneapolis Institute of Art, Bloomington Center for the Arts, and the Lowertown Underground Artist Gallery. Spencer is an active participant in the St. Paul Art Crawl and a co-chair for the Selections Committee of the Northern Warehouse Artist Collective. Along with Andrea Bagdon, she leads the La.dy Like collaborative art project based in downtown St. Paul.


In addition to being a practicing artist, Spencer was previously an instructor of record at Colorado State University and currently works as an Upper School art instructor for Saint Paul Academy. Spencer received her BA from Florida Gulf Coast University in 2017, and her MFA from Colorado State University in 2021.










Staff Art Show - Mia

Team Mia is pleased to welcome back the Staff Art Show! This year's showcase will be presented in the Community Commons, allowing for more works to be on view and shared publicly with our visitors. The Staff Art Show is anticipated to be installed by May 13 and will be on view for approximately 3 months.

La.dy Like Exhibition

La.dy.like’s first collaborative exhibition features evocative paintings, mixed media and haunting experimental videos by St. Paul based artists Andrea Bagdon and Spencer Gillespie shown at the LUA Gallery for the month of July. 

Art Hounds: Art that asks 'What does it mean to be ladylike?'

Listen to Emma Fitzsimmons speak with Emily Bright on Art Hounds, Minnesota Public Radio about La.dy Like's July Exhibition.